A Different Kind of Therapy

Mindset Reps is a unique and innovative program that specializes in the combination of exercise and psychotherapy to bring about change and build self confidence. Reseach has shown that exercise increases mood, builds confidence, self-efficacy and conquers fears and negative beliefs. Group fitness classes help to promote bonding through shared group experience and create an opportunity for risk-taking in a safe environment.

Taylor Montey, the founder of Mindset Reps, designed fitness-based therapy after coaching teens and recognizing that they were more willing to open up after sharing a workout together. Recognizing how fitness had benefited her own life, combined with the researched mental and physical benefits of exercise , Taylor wanted to create a place where people could go to treat the whole person.

Mindset Reps specializes in building resilience through physical fitness. Mindset Reps is designed for teens, adults, first responders, sports teams and YOU!