Teen Therapy

Is your teenager struggling with

  • Self-Confidence
  • Difficulty dealing with stress
  • Relationships with parents, classmates or peers
  • Feeling lost or without direction
  • A divorce in the family
  • Trauma
  • Addiction

Teenage years are hard

Teenagers are faced with a variety of challenges from peer pressure, social media, relationships, trauma and difficulties at home. The teenage years can be dificult. As a parent, it is hard to determine if what your teen is experiencing is normal or if they need additional support and assistance. With so many therapists and resources on the web, is often difficult to figure out where to turn for help.

Our Approach to Therapy

We believe in supporting teens and families in their times of difficulty. We provide a safe place for teens to share their success, disappointments and fears and take control of their life. We work along side teens to help them find solutions, build confidence and learn techniques to build resilience . We often use activities to explore emotions, keep teens engaged and teach new skills. Our therapy uses evidence based modalities such as CBT, DBT, EMDR and Motivational Interviewing Techniques.

Creating Motivation

We understand how difficult it is to make a change. We work alongside teens to resolve ambivalence helping them to find and rely on their own inner strengths to bring about change in their lives and build confidence.

Empowering Change

We encourage and empower teens to take control of their lives through self reflection and by building on their strengths. We help teens find solutions and create attainable goals for their lives that they can visualize and can be excited about. We provide guidance and strategies that help teens live the life they want.

Changing our Mindset

Our mind is powerful. By recognizing our thought patterns and how they influence or emotions and behaviors, we can help teens to change negative thinking patterns into positive ones that influence behavior change.

Build Resilience

We help teens uncover their strengths and find coping mechanisms that work for them to reduce stress. Whether it is difficulty with friendships, school or home, coping with stress in positive ways builds life long habits.

Treating Trauma

Teens that have been exposed to trauma may have stress that resemble things like anger, substance use, isolation, depression, sleep distrubance and illness. There is treatment for trauma. EMDR therapy is a successful treatment option for trauma or significant life disturbances. EMDR has been proven effective by research to help those suffering with trauma proceess it so that they can live healthy and normal lives. EMDR therapy has been considered extremely successful with teenages. Teens like EMDR becasue it allows them to use their own brains to process trauma rather than talking about the event(s) in detail.