FYR Leadership Camp

Camp FYR is an opportunity for youth from different areas and backgrounds to grow, learn, have fun, and bond over hard physical work, problem-solving, and shared experiences. This sleep-away experience is a total change of environment for these athletes, most of whom never have a chance to leave their neighborhood. This helps to facilitate a change in their behavior, gets them out of their familiar habits, and provides them with just enough stress to help them grow.

They’re exposed to workouts, workshops, team-building exercises, and journaling that help them learn to handle adverse situations. They work specifically on mental toughness, grit, perseverance, self-talk, goal setting, nutrition, emotional intelligence, and overcoming challenges.

Led by FYR staff and volunteer guest coaches, including former Olympians, elite athletes, CrossFit Seminar staff, military personnel, first responders, and FYR coaches, these youth learn lessons needed to be successful in life.