First Responder Mental and Physical Fitness

Many first responders feel overwhelmed when it comes finding balance between work and home and managing the stressors that come with their career…

Did you know that research shows that EXERCISE is one of the best prescriptions for the stressors that first responders face?

Our integrative, science-based program, developed by Taylor Montey, goes beyond exercise and uses a biopsychosocial-spiritual model of care to reach the entire person.

Are you experiencing any of the following?

  • Difficulty balancing work and home
  • Hyper-vigilance
  • Lack of motivation
  • Apathy
  • Difficulty going to sleep or staying asleep
  • Self Doubt
  • Pressure to perform
  • Intrusive memories or stress from difficult calls
  • Increased substance use
  • Overwhelmed
  • Irritability
  • Depression
  • Anxiety

We provide a community for education, step by step coaching and support for first responders.

We give you the tools and resources that allow you to build resilience and increase performance, decrease stress, build relationships, increase energy, boost confidence, overall health so that you can enjoy a long career doing what you love!

This group will help you reach your goals, maximize your potential and give you tools to reach your goals.  

What does a session look like?


Every class offers psychoeducation that is relevant to the issues first responders face. Responders learn about concepts such as changing your thought patterns for success, increasing performance, taking control/letting go, stress management, goal setting, tactics for communication, building relationships, establishing boundaries and much more. Coaches use worksheets, videos and activities to help you learn and work through the concepts taught each week. 


Coaches help first responders practice the concepts they learn, in a safe environment, through fitness. Workouts provide a modality for first responders to practice and reinforce what they have learned. Whether it is positive self talk, stress management, communication or risk taking, workouts challenge you to address your weaknesses and build confidence in your successes. 

Group Sharing

Shared experiences and challenges create faster bonding amongst the group members. Group sharing allows time to process what is learned in session as well as what is going on in your lives. You will build relationships by investing in each other, creating trust and working on communication skills. 


The end of class will offer a 5-10 minute mindfulness component to achieve all aspects of wellness.

Mindfulness has been proven to help relieve stress, reduce rumination, enhance emotional regulation, and increase cognitive function. Some of our sessions include biblical scripture (always optional) for those that find healing through their faith.

What does the course cover?

The courage to have strength of character and the capacity to recover quickly from difficulties, toughness. 

Week 1: Understanding who YOU are

“When you know yourself, you are empowered, when you accept yourself, you’re invincible.”

 -Tina Lifford

·      This module will explore your unique personality, the traits you have and how those impact you in the workplace, relationships, and life. Learn coping mechanisms that are specific to YOU and how to relate better to others! 

Week 2: Beliefs and Values

“Your values and beliefs make up your character which in return influence your choices, actions and results in life.”

·      This module will help you to evaluate your values. Where are you demonstrating your values and core beliefs, where are we falling short? This module will also focus on a 360 evaluation of your time in all aspects of your life and how they compare with your values. 

Week 3: Emotional vs. Rational Brain

“The emotional brain responds more quickly than our thinking brain.”-Daniel Goalman

·      This module helps us to understand the difference between our emotional vs. our logical brain.

·      Dig into the sympathetic response that first responders face and begin to take control and increase your performance. 

·      Tools in this module will also help to reduce overwhelm and exhaustion in your home life!

Week 4: Goal Setting 

“Begin with the end in mind.” -Stephen Covey

·      This module will help you to define and set goals with clarity.

·      Break down your goals into manageable and actionable steps to get results!

Week 5: Control

·      Learn what it means to let go of what is not in your control. From the emergency scene to your relationships, learn how to let go of fears and act.  

·      Reduce overwhelm

Week 6: Responder health and resiliency 

“In preparing for battle I have always found that plans are useless, but planning is indispensable.” …

·      Learn about things that health and resiliency that affect us as responders such as sleep, stress, alcohol and nutrition.  

·      Take time to evaluate what we have learned in this course and plan to continue putting your skills into action

How do I sign up? 

 Just email me back I’M IN!  in the subject line. Provide your name, email and phone number. That’s it! 

What is the cost?
For a limited time we are offering this course at a serious discount!
You will get: 

  • 6 weeks of groups led by a fitness professional and mental health professional $720 value
  • Workbook $ 35 value
  • Planner $25 value
  • Take-home action plans $50 value
  • Access to a therapist/ counselor during the group $200 value

That is $1030 value
We are offering this course for the one time cost of $297. The course can be paid through using HSA or out of network insurance. Members of FRTC will receive an additional $50 discount. 
We’re so confident you’ll benefit from this group that we offer a 100% refund guarantee!  
If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out by email, text or the phone provided at the bottom. 
I look forward to seeing you in the gym! =)

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6 week Group Starts June 8-July 13th 9:45-11:30 at CrossFit 970

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